It's Time To THinc Green.


THinc Green provides holistic sustainability education for a variety of audiences to drive cultural and behavioral change.


We envision a world in which every individual understands the impacts of his or her actions and makes informed, educated, deliberate decisions.


We believe in integrated sustainability practices and lifelong learning in the workplace, classroom, and at home.

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Sustainability Through Education


THinc Green offers customized K-12 science curricula, activities, and training materials.

  • Interdisciplinary lessons
  • Include sustainability messaging
  • Can be aligned to NGSS

THinc Green develops college level courses.

  • Teach sustainability as it’s own course
  • Integrate sustainability concepts into existing courses

THinc outside the box with other educational offerings from THinc Green.

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) teacher and faculty training
  • Assist with Green Ribbon School application process

THinc Green creates hands on activities and presentations.

  • Customized to your audience with your themes
  • May include pre- and post- visit activities
  • Can be aligned to NGSS

THinc Green offers training for staff, boards, and other groups.

  • Integrate sustainability messaging into existing activities and presentations
  • Provide background information to support staff’s presentations and programming
  • Assist in communicating challenging topics like climate change, ocean acidification, and more.

THinc Green provides training materials for your workforce.

  • Presentations to be implemented for HR teams or on-boarding training
  • Materials to educate staff and/or management on the importance and application of sustainable practices
  • Process, product, and behavior training for custodial staff.

THinc Green offers messaging and training for Boards, stakeholders, and upper management

  • Explain and understand the importance of “going green” and sustainability practices in your organization
  • Provide information that sustainability can support and improve the bottom line.

How Do You THinc Green?


Sustainability has many definitions and connotations in today’s society. THinc Green thinks of sustainability as the actions we do and decisions we make to leave a smaller impact on our planet. Sustainable education strives to ensure the availability of natural resources and a high quality of life for future generations and the organisms we share Earth with.

Sustainability can  be integrated into every aspect of life – from how we design our businesses to what we eat and where we travel.

Through education, leaders of today and tomorrow will make sustainable decisions and take sustainable actions.


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When you are ready to start your learning adventure, send us your questions and some information about your interests.

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